SJCAM SJ5000x 2K & SJCAM X1000 WiFi Review Videos


Source: SJCAM SJ5000x & SJCAM X1000 Limited Edition Review Videos – Check them out! – SJCAM Official Website has shot two official unboxing reviews for two of its latest cameras: SJ5000x & X1000 Limited Edition.

Both limited edition models have a 2.0″ LCD screens. All other SJCAM models currently have 1.5″ or 1.54″ screens. The SJ5000x had a limited run of only 1000pcs which have almost sold out. These units had the OV4689 sensor. In two months, there will be a SJ5000x Elite model which sports a Sony IMX078 Sensor.  If you want the SJ5000x Limited, then pick it up today here:  SJ5000x Limited

The X1000 will be a larger run of 5000 units but this is very limited as well. The SJ5000x is expected to sell out in one week. The MSRP for the X1000 is $99 so we are also expecting the X1000 to sell out in 2-3 weeks. Check product listing out now:  X1000 Limited

Check out our two Video reviews for the SJ5000x and X1000 limited editions below. If you have any product suggestions or questions, you can email us directly at

For wholesale or Reseller inquires, please contact us here.


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      1. The Firmware at present is 1.4.6-S but I will install the update again following the instructions you supply on your site. Thanks for your response.


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