SJCAM A10 (M40) Bodycam Wearable Action Camera





Body-worn video-recording devices (also known as “body-cams”) are fast becoming a popular need. Be it for outdoor sports enthusiasts, for law-enforcers (as seen in many videos on YouTube), medical practitioners, rescue workers, and travelers, we are starting to see a huge demand for such equipment.


M40 PLUS 03

SJCAM has picked this up and has recently embarked on designing the ultimate body-cam, taking into consideration the many requirements that such a device must go through on a day-to-day basis in practical use. Thus, the M40 body-cam was born.


Some of those features that SJCAM has incorporated into the design is night-mode, the inclusion of infra-red camera technologies is not simply just a feature, but a pre-requisite to make images stand out in pitch-dark environments.


The M40 is designed to take the rough and tumble harshness of daily use. It has an IP65 rating straight out of the box without requiring a waterproof case. It can withstand medium to heavy rainfall and  water splashes, as well as sandstorms should you encounter one.

It can also utilize the separately-sold SJ Remote, for operations that require you to be at a distance from the camera. You will also see a USB-C instead of the regular USB for faster file transfers and for viewing footages straight out of the device onto a projector or a TV monitor.

This camera has dual microphones for stereoscopic audio recording, making it possible to hear where sounds are coming from in relation to the cam. Video recording gets awesome clear shots thanks to its SONY IMX323 image sensor, coupled to a Novatek 96658 chipset, recording in 1080p at 30fps, and up to 240 fps on VGA, which you can be sure to last more than an hour of straight footage with its 2,650mAh Lithium battery. Pretty impressive.


This camera can be attached to a vest pocket or a bag strap using its included clip found at the back.


Although it is quite sad that in this day and age, cameras used as protection from false claims and lack of evidence are quickly becoming a necessity and the growing requirement does not just fall under dashcams for vehicles. Pedestrians, factory workers, law-enforcers, medical practitioners, rescue workers need this kind of safety too. It is reassuring that SJCAM has heeded the call for budget body-cams to be available to the masses.



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